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Standard Launch Sites

Our launch sites have been carefully selected. Each has unique scenic appeal and convenient access. The surrounding areas offer plenty of choices for safe and accessible landing sites.

Rates for all of the standard launch sites are $260/person.

Letchworth Park Area

Few locations rival the majesty of "The Grand Canyon of the East." The Gorges of Letchworth Park are magnificent, and provide an excellent location for a memorable balloon ride. The view is spectacular, and the [...]

Deer Run Winery

Located at the northwest end of Conesus Lake, Deer Run Winery offers the perfect vantage point from which to enjoy the “Little Lakes” region of upstate New York. From this site you have the best [...]


We have several possible launch sites in Canandaigua, all of which offer an impressive view straight down Canandaigua Lake! We typically meet at the Mercy Flight station, located at the Canandaigua Airport, on Brickyard [...]

Genesee River Valley

Launching from the Geneseo Airport or the Country Inn and Suites of Mt. Morris puts you over the Genesee River Valley, which during your ride provides a great view of fertile farm land and winding [...]