Balloon Ride
Gift Certificates


Certificates are available for shared basket rides ($295/person) or private flights ($995/couple). They may be redeemed at any time of the year, at any of our launch sites.

Prices valid until Jan 1, 2020.

Purchase online

Call to purchase


*Need it fast? No problem! Our online booking system delivers your gift as an electronic gift card, and gives you the option if and when to forward the card to your recipient. If you prefer a printed, card stock certificate mailed to you, fill out the provided fields and we will mail it to you promptly. You may also specify if you would like your certificate sent in a plain envelope to avoid spoiling a surprise.

Easy to schedule

Complete instructions for the recipient to schedule their flight are included with the certificate whether delivered electronically or mailed. The recipient simply calls us when they’re ready to schedule, and we walk them through the rest.