The sense of history and glory of days past is tangible on your hot air balloon ride from the National Warplane Museum at the Geneseo Airport. Lift majestically over the proud warbirds, and above the lazily winding Genesee River and surrounding farm land.  Especially in the morning, this location offers the best opportunities for low-level flight. Enjoy floating just above the treetops, with no obstacles in sight.  Experience low-level contour flying.  Pick leaves from the tops of trees. Skim corn tassels.  Watch your reflection as you pass over the river.  From low-level flying to mid-level and higher-altitude flight, which offers a wide view of the peaceful Genesee River Valley and beyond, this launch site offers a beautiful setting for your hot air balloon ride experience.


We schedule morning and evening flights Monday through Saturday, year-round.  Often, we can accommodate passenger groups even at short notice.  By using “small” four-passenger balloons, we are proud to offer our passengers a personal experience.  When you book with Liberty Balloon Company, you join no more than three other people in the gondola; or, you may reserve the entire balloon for your party with a private flight.  Yet because Carroll (dad), Lance (older son) and Lee (younger son) all are FAA-certified commercial hot air balloon pilots, we can fly up to three balloons per flight period.  So if you have a large group, we will accommodate up to twelve people for a ride.

About us

We are a local, family-owned, full-time hot air balloon business.  We have flown the area since 1977, and have not tired of it yet!  For more information or to request a date for your Finger Lakes area balloon ride, please contact us today.  We are excited to meet you, and to host your hot air balloon experience!