Ride Packages

Shared basket ride: $425 per person

Because we rely on the wind for our flight path, every flight is unique! To book a flight from one of the following primary launch sites, contact us or book online today.

Once you’ve selected your package and booked your ride, be sure to sign the Adult Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk Agreement (PDF). Waivers can also be signed online here.

Primary Launch Sites

Private Flight Package

Starting at $1400/couple

Reserve your own balloon, chase vehicle, pilot and crew: no other passengers will be scheduled in your balloon and you will have the gondola to yourself. Price covers you and one guest. You may schedule up to two additional guests on your flight at the price of $365 per person.

Ultimate Romance Package


Private package as above, but we launch early.  We check in for the flight at zero – dark – thirty.  We hold our passenger safety briefing, and inflate the balloon. The balloon is equipped with special Aviation Position Lights for night flight.   We lift off the ground approximately 20 minutes prior to sunrise: and as the sun breaks the horizon, you drop down on one knee and pull out the ring.

What a memory for the rest of your life together!

High Altitude Package

$1400 (for two passengers)

Ride to an altitude of 10,560 feet (yes, that’s two miles!) above sea level. We may even be looking down on a cloud or two (though if there is a solid cloud layer, we can’t go through it). Bundle up, and get ready for a spectacular view of the Finger Lakes region!

Custom Launch Site Package

Starting at $1400

Fly away from your own back yard, or somewhere near your home.  To see and photograph your own home, farm, or area from the air is really special.

$365 for each additional passenger, if more than two.  Travel expenses may be added if launch site is more than one hour from Groveland, NY.

 (Safety restrictions may apply.  Pilot must inspect and approve launch site for suitability in advance.  Call for details)

Wedding Packages

Starting at $2495

Make a grand exit from your wedding reception by flying away in a hot air balloon!

1)  Tether package:  Entertain your guests in style.  This package works especially well for an afternoon wedding following the ceremony, as guests are arriving at the reception and the wedding party and family are having photos done.  The balloon rides offer great entertainment while they await the arrival of the bride and groom!

2)  Horse and Carriage:  Yes, Liberty Balloon Company also offers this elegant form of transportation.  With a team of stately, pure-bred Friesian horses, trainer and driver Carroll Teitsworth treats guests to rides in a beautiful carriage.

3)  Combine the balloon AND the horse and carriage, and receive discounts on both, AND have a “bad weather” backup!

**With all wedding or event packages, we cater to you; by nature each package is highly customized.  Please contact us for specific price and planning.  Be sure to ask about our preferred vendors, including pre-approved venues and quality, affordable photographers.

Hot Air Balloon Festival Flight

$495 (per person)

We attend many balloon festivals each year. It’s a great experience to enjoy your flight with other balloons in the air at the same time! We may attend events including the New York State Festival of Balloons in Dansville, NY, the Spiedie Fest in Binghamton, the spectacular Adirondack Balloon Festival near Glens Falls, NY, the Great Wellsville Balloon Rally, as well as events in Jamestown, Poughkeepsie and Letchworth State Park (spectators only). Whether you want a ride, or simply to be around balloons, be sure to look us up — we may just put you to work!

Winter Flight


Imagine the serenity you feel on a windless, crisp winter morning. Now imagine you’re above it, floating above the treetops. From higher altitudes, the clear air allows you to see way, way into the distance. This is the beauty of the Winter flight package!

Winter Flights are offered December 1 through March 31.

$365 for each additional passenger.