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The hot air balloon “Ride Experience”

Every balloon ride is special, because no two flights are ever the same. On any given flight, there will be a unique selection of events. Some of these “events” are sensations that simply cannot be put into words–and even pictures do not do justice!

You may come to check something off the bucket-list, but you will go away with memories to last a lifetime!

For a great sample of what a balloon ride is like, check out this fantastic video compiled by two passengers who flew near Ithaca, NY. Our thanks to Jonathan and Suki Hall for sharing this video with us!

Typical Ride Highlights

Panoramic Views

The beauty of our Hot Air Balloons is that there are no “bad seats”. Our balloons accommodate two to four passengers. This means that you get to look in every direction and see beautiful panoramic views. Our main flying areas, in the Letchworth Park area and in the Finger Lakes, offer spectacular views that cannot be matched!

Skimming The Tree Tops

After you come down from the heights the pilot may take you skimming through the tree tops. Looking down through the trees from their very tops is a rare  view indeed!

Leaf Picking

While skimming through the tree tops, why not pick a leaf or pine cone from the TOP of a tree! Few people get to do such a thing and many like to keep their prize as a souvenir.


From whitetail deer in the forest, to red fox scampering through a wheat field, to great blue herons gliding across riverbeds and maybe even a bear crossing a road. You can spot all sorts of wildlife from a balloon.

Picking wildflowers for the ladies

FTD, eat your heart out! You can’t match a fresh picked bunch of wildflowers delivered straight from a hot-air balloon basket!

Balloon Festivals

Summer balloon festivals are some of the best times to see balloons, and offer a great opportunity for an extra special ride. Hot Air Balloons come in many colors, shapes and sizes, all of which can be seen at a festival. Few family events are as beautiful and breathtaking.

Flying High

Where else can you see the curvature of the earth, the Toronto skyline looking across Lake Ontario or the sunrise at 5000 feet? In a Hot Air Balloon you can experience all this and more!

Windy Landings

Think of the balloon as a giant sail. That’s a lot of surface area, and even a small breeze has a lot to push on. The result? At wind speeds of 10+ mph, sometimes the landing is a bit more…ah…adventurous. Maybe a little basket tipping, or a divot in the landing field, and a good laugh afterward. Bend your knees! (Don’t worry, just a little extra excitement. For more about physical requirements to ride, click here)