At Liberty Balloon Company, a central aspect of our business is, and has always been, a commitment to providing the maximum level of safety possible to our passengers and guests. Usually our focus is on the weather, flying conditions, aviation regulations, etc. In this time of pandemic, we are considering new aspects of safety that have never been necessary before.

Like virtually everyone else, we are responding to each days news with adjustments to our policies and practices, and making our best effort to plan for the upcoming flying season with social distancing and infection prevention integrated into our business. At this point, we do expect to be able to offer balloon rides for the majority of the flying season.

We will continue to post updates here as we learn more about this ever-evolving situation and respond accordingly.

In the meantime, our prayers go out to all of those affected, and our respect, admiration and gratitude are extended to those treating the ill and performing other essential services.