Why Choose Us?

We use Small Balloons

Most balloon ride operators use large balloons capable of carrying 8 to 10 pasengers.  We use balloons that carry a max of 3 or 4 passengers (besides the pilot).  So our guests have a better view from the basket, and a more personal experience with pilot and crew.

We offer more choices of launch sites

We have several standard launch sites, each chosen for its special scenic appeal and convenient access. You may choose a flight from any of these, or choose a private flight from a location of your choice (your backyard?) or any of our more elaborate adventure flights. See our wide range of flight packages.

We offer Private flights

If you would like a balloon reserved exclusively for you and your guest we are happy to provide that option.  Price starts at $795.

We offer Adventure flights

Unusual balloon flights like high altitude, winter, night, or mountain flights are all a possibility with us.

We often fly corporate balloons

Our experience, expertise, and longevity in the balloon world have earned us contracts to fly for numerous corporations.  Currently we are working with REMAX of NY and REMAX of NJ.  These companies contract with us to fly their balloons at certain events for them.  We hold to this level of professionalism and personal care for each passenger we fly.

Our pilots are experienced professionals

We have over 45 years of flying experience between us.  We are careful to maintain the highest professional standards not only in pilot skills, but also in courtesy and friendliness with passengers, crew, business associates, landowners, the public, and media representatives. Our chief pilot is designated as a Balloon Pilot Examiner by the FAA. That means that anyone in western NY who wishes to obtain a balloon pilot certificate, takes his flight test from Carroll.  Carroll has also acted as a consultant on balloon matters for the FAA and the NTSB.  And he has served as an expert witness on balloon matters in civil court.

For many years Carroll traveled around the USA conducting Balloon Pilot Ground Schools and Safety Seminars.  Probably well over half the balloon pilots in the country have studied the art of hot air ballooning under Carroll’s tutelage.

Our company is a full-time, full-service business

We not only offer balloon rides, we do pilot training, educational programs for schools, promotional flights, and long-term promotional programs.  We offer consultation services, and balloon sales for standard and special-shape balloons.